Diet Tips From the Underground (Total Body Recomp 2016)

Diet tips from the Underground

I probably should be asleep right now due to the fact that I’m hitting my cardio tomorrow morning when most will still be sleeping. And I probably shouldn’t be giving away tricks like this, but I know this article is going to help a shitload of you guys out! So yes, I’m devoting some of …

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The Truth About Dieting

muscular torso

Today’s new post from John Doe Bodybuilding covers dieting and what actually works for cutting fat. Trust me guys, I know how frustrating it can be when you think you’ve tried everything and you’re still not getting the results you want! We live in a time when everyone wants fast results. Just look at everyone …

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Grocery Shopping for Bodybuilders

man pushing shopping cart

Today’s post is all about grocery shopping guys! I’m not going to lie to you about the fact that grocery shopping for bodybuilding can get expensive! They call this a lifestyle for a reason… The post covers what I would typically eat for one day. Keep in mind that I am currently about 220 lbs …

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Paleo Diet and Coffee For Fast Results!

Paleo Diet and Coffee for Fast Results

Paleo dieting and coffee is one way that I frequently diet to get into excellent shape in a very short time frame. I really like it because the only stipulation on the diet is food choices and not as much on timing and frequency. You pretty much eat when you’re hungry but you can only eat …

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10 Tips to Get Shredded Fast!

man's abs

1) Don’t cut calories too far under maintenance Obviously there needs to be caloric deficit in order to lose body fat, but too many people are dropping down way too low. What does this mean? It means you become a smaller version of what you were before, but you don’t recomposition yourself like you should. …

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Straight from the Underground e-book

After much anticipation from many of you and a ton of work and effort to write Straight from the Underground, it’s finally complete and available! I’m really excited to be releasing this e-book on performance enhancement because it’s knowledge to you from personal experience! You see, unlike the rest of the internet community who are …

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The ABC’s of Bodybuilding | Anabolism, Body Recomposition, Cutting

The ABC's of bodybuilding

I’m going to talk about the ABC’s of bodybuilding. What are the ABC’s of building an incredible physique? Anabolism, body recomposition, cutting. #1. ANABOLISM Let’s talk about anabolism. By definition “anabolic” means to build something, or to be in an environment to build muscle. You may consider yourself “skinny-fat” or maybe just skinny at first, …

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How to Eat Big When You Aren’t a Big Eater

How to eat big when you aren't a big eater

So by now you should know that if you want to build serious muscle it takes calories. If you didn’t know this, then I’m telling you again… Calories are king when it comes to gaining mass! I’d say that the bulk of people who come to me for advice simply aren’t eating enough. I’ve been …

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The Poor Man’s Guide to Getting Shredded

jdb poorman

So you’re poor and you want to get shredded. Look, I’ve been there. A lot of us have been there, and sometimes it’s just life. I’ve been poor before, and I can remember certain weeks where I was forced to try cutting up because I just didn’t have the money to eat a lot. I …

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