Having a REAL LIFE & the modern day paradox

How do you have a real life nowadays?

What is a REAL LIFE anyways?


In today's podcast episode I talk about having a REAL LIFE & the modern day paradox

Thanks for listening -JD


10 thoughts on “Having a REAL LIFE & the modern day paradox”

  1. JD the best fucking yet so fucking true I have all your books you actually spoke to my Daughter when there was a wrong order on a book that you kindly replaced, been following your profound thoughts to life style more frequently now as you were the one responsible for this fat ass 5 years ago at 240lbs to a ripped 190lbs at 61 years of age I’m still growing age is a number when I go with my trainer to the gym yes there are the 30 year old testosterone filled sacks that can out lift me but like you say who fuking cares kid see me when your 61 can you press 350. I’m a GM of a major company in SOuth east Asia but American born and raised. Your Pod cast was spot on who fuking cares if you don’t care about yourself! Do I care if little Winnie boy can put up more than grandpa? But who has the 31 year old Thai wife that loves me for me not my money, she understands that if I can’t work out 2 hours a day I’m grumpy, she cooks all Thai food for me every night late or early commitment, consistency and mind set my rules and as you say if your to lazy to set goals and self responsibility’s how can you achieve results? Successful yes but I miss my YMCA gym state side! I like iron! But as I age thank god for smith machines Precor development as joints and pain become part of the process. So get over it lazy fuckers I m proud to say I can still walk out with my Thai wife 31 years younger and trust me no one thinks it’s because of money! Hard work a 50!in chest 17 in arms and 34 in waste it took 5 years of JD but fuking your the King dude.

    Work strong ride hard and don’t let anything get inyour own path to self success not what other people think!

    Godspeed KL

  2. The last two pod casts were great. I’m a physician and my answer even in the gym is to try harder than everyone else. Am I happy no The only hobby I tell people is that I workout. You definitely made me think. Not to mention your pod casts make me laugh. Right now I do need to modify diet but I make excuses. Thanks

  3. Fucking awesome stuff John. Funny as hell as well. We need more shit like this – reality.

    “teamed up with this designer………artist……..who gives a fuck ! ” Lmao. Who does give a fuck? All these celebrities/actors people talk about – I’ve never even fucking heard of them!

    I couldn’t even park in town the others day cos apparently there was this youtube guy in town who wears fucking makeup and gives tips on makeup ( a dude!!) and teenagers are mad for him so they flocked to town to see this gimp in the mall!!!

    I see people almost kill themselves striving for things they don’t need when they have a great life already if they only took and step back to appreciate it & enjoy it.

    You go on the internet, self blogs etc – they all claim to be living perfect productive lives. Up at 5am, train, work on business, make 10 million, fuck models, travel full time – if this ain’t your life you’re made out to be some lame ass loser that needs to work harder hahaha.

    Love it mate

  4. Good stuff JD…
    Really hit home on whats important in life. When my wife and I decided to both retire it was when we had just enough income to pay the current bills and then have a little left over for some fun & a little travel. We could have kept on working and made more money, but why? We wouldn’t have the time to enjoy it. We’d much rather have the time and new experiences (while we’re young enough to enjoy it), then go to fucking work everyday earning money to buy silly shit that means nothing in the long run. We don’t buy each other stupid presents for birthdays, holidays, anniversary’s, etc… instead we spend it on trips, concerts, excursions, etc… Memories & experiences will trump “material bullshit” any day!

  5. Hey John,

    I’m 26 now living in Germany and I’m from the United States. I lived in the United States until I was 21 and moved to Germany, I left Germany at 24, was in the United States a year and a half then went back to Germany again.

    I liked your podcast so I thought I would shed some light on something.

    When I was 18, my best friend’s parents hosted a foreign exchange student from Norway. Naturally I became good friends with him and we graduated together that year. At the time, I was working everyday after school and had some cash saved up already. He invited me and my buddy to come stay with him at his parents house in Norway, so that summer the three of us met up for two weeks. The girls were unbelievable there, I seen girls that looked better working at McDonalds than girls who are models in the United States. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, these girls were unbelievable looking.

    We spent the two weeks going to clubs and I hooked up with some smoking hot brunette Swedish girl two days before my flight and decided I didn’t want to leave. I was always a work-aholic and was always anal about saving money so I had enough in the bank to survive for about half a year. Coming from an 18 year-old point of view, I was in a new country getting laid by some girl that looks like a sports illustrated model, I was not at my stupid soul stealing job anymore, and I loved fucking the shit out of this girl, I damn sure wasn’t about to leave. She was in Norway on vacation and I went to Sweden with her.

    My plane ticket said I had to be at the airport, and I didn’t care. I didn’t even call to cancel the flight. All I knew was I didn’t want to go back, ever again. I didn’t know how a visa worked, and quite honestly, I didn’t give a fuck.

    Things didn’t go as planned, I knew I had to get a job and finding one illegally was no easy task. I couldn’t get a job anywhere and I was in deep shit when I looked at the migration website and it said to obtain a visa to Sweden you have to apply 10-12 months in advance in your own country. I had already overstayed the standard 90 days by a month and realized I was basically completely fucked.

    Things turned into what looked like a real life catch me if you can film. I made fake documents with a glue stick and passport photos to give me the ability to open a bank account. Once I made this bank account I went around and made iphone contracts for 10$. I would pay $10.00 make a contract, connect them with my bank account and I would get the phone in my hands and a bill at the end of the month for $100 for the next two years. I made about 11-12 contracts at different places and sold the phones and closed the bank accounts. This bought me more time since I was almost broke and didn’t even have money for the flight back.

    I got jammed at the airport and left. I took a bus to spain and got a cheap flight out and they stamped my passport. I was very lucky. I made it back to America without any problems and I started university. I quit that and went back to work. I saved up my money and decided to go to sweden. Things changed for me the time I was working again, I got more serious and I looked at things differently. When I went back it didn’t feel the same and there was issues with getting a visa. This time I looked for a better alternative and I saw that in Germany I could go there then obtain a visa while I was in Germany so that’s what I did.

    I went to Germany and struggled and struggled and struggled. The whole time was miserable and everyday felt like a long day at the DMV, the bureaucracy was thick. I learned to hate Germany. I realized this ideal view I had was not realistic. There was a lot of shit here too. All this time I thought America was garbage and now I was seeing the garbage on the other side of the pond.

    When I came back to America I had something unexpected happen. I had a serious shock, I felt thick propaganda that I didn’t notice before, everyone seemed like they weren’t even thinking on their own. Everyone just seemed dumb and clueless. I worked a year and a half in the United States and I wanted out and I wanted out bad. Three months before I left to Germany I decided I would become a man and quit making excuses. I would pursue my dreams and not bullshit around anymore.

    I started reading books and learning to code on computers and I realized all I wanted was to have freedom and independence and moving wasn’t the solution. The solution was leaving the soul stealing job and achieving a new level so I could live the life I wanted. I realized how dumb I was to think moving to a place where the girls look better would make me happy. I also forgot to mention I grew bored of this girl which I never expected. I thought she was perfect but I always liked to live on the edge and I felt she was a ball and chain around my neck.

    At this time I bought a flight already and thought I might as well go back. I went back and I’m still here. But it’s a shithole. Dumb is dumb and it’s everywhere. The entire world is full of degenerates and moving won’t get you away from the stupidity I learned. I was kicked out of a gym simply for doing deadlifts. They treated me like I committed some major crime and I said what’s the problem, I’m doing deadlifts at a gym. They replied “but you were doing deadlifts in a no drop zone.”

    This bullshit is everywhere and it’s making me sick to my stomach. The German people love to call the police and if I have an argument with my girlfriend on the streets, there’s bound to be at least two cunts that say leave her alone or I’m calling the police.

    Also here in Europe, especially in Germany, every girl on instagram is a “model” and “actress” some are even “movie producers”. The boys are posting philosophical quotes looking into the distance getting a quick pic at night sitting on a mercedes before the owner comes out. This non sense is everywhere.

    If you talk to a foreigner they will be inclined to talk only good things about their country and it’s simply a load of shit. I thought this Swedish girl was worth dying over and here I am clueless I was in the feminist capital of the world.

    It seems the best a man can do is do his best to isolate himself from human garbage and avoid doing certain things or going to certain places.

    I don’t watch tv- at all. I don’t listen to the radio and I don’t go to a job anymore. I only read books about business and keep myself focused on the gym and on business. I don’t give people my number anymore and I don’t take my phone with me anywhere. Since the smartphone people have become unable to carry out any normal social interaction.

    I find it better to tune out all the garbage. I really liked your podcast, you seem to be one of the last good ones with common sense that isn’t a pussy. Keep it coming. Even if you don’t get a lot of comments people still listen and like it.


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