Roid Rage – Myth or Reality?

Does “roid rage” actually exist or is it just a myth?

Well, although I don’t particularly like the term “roid rage” that isn’t to say that these things can’t make you more aggressive at times! Check out the latest podcast to hear about aggression and how you can control it so your life doesn’t get flipped upside down just from running a cycle.

Click the play button below to listen to Roid Rage – Myth or Reality?

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4 thoughts on “Roid Rage – Myth or Reality?”

  1. I’ve had the worst aggression from caffeine and coffee. Usually happens during the withdrawal. Sort of makes sense if caffeine makes your body release adrenaline.

    • it’s crazy what we become accustomed to having on a daily basis to operate normally. Thanks for the follow! -JD

  2. This is straight gold bro. Some of these aspects I’ve never even thought of. Especially the aggravated assault. Bodybuilders need to hear this. Well done man, thank you for doing your podcast.


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