What you can expect from Let the Blood Spill

A while back I wrote an ebook called Shredded Ops.

I have written several different programs in my other ebooks, but I wanted to develop something that I felt was more fine tailored to bodybuilders who were at plateaus with traditional routines.

I also felt that there were certain aspects of traditional bodybuilding workouts that lacked key exercises and rep schemes that could get someone much more pumped up in the gym.

So I took some strategies such as higher reps, pre-exhaustion, training periodization, and exercise selection along with where these exercises were placed in a workout to give you max benefit and I included what many routines don't touch on.

I developed the Shredded Ops routine and put it to the test on myself and the results were incredible!

I knew that if someone like myself could get awesome results from that routine then others could benefit from it too.

I knew that if someone such as myself, who has been in the gym over 2 decades, hit more training plateaus than I could count, and grown stale with workouts again and again could benefit from it, then I had to get it out there!

So as I was going to the gym and tweaking things I couldn't help but think to myself, “Man, others need to know about this killer routine!”

I would begin a workout and hit a few sets, and then look at myself in the mirror halfway into the workout and I was visually different looking!

I was much, much larger looking and much more pumped up, and I'm talking visually way beyond what the average workout did for me!

So I put out the Shredded Ops routine and I made it a straightforward formula to follow for incredible results and people loved it!

It included a simple diet that was laid out for readers and there was no guesswork involved other than how far you could take the workouts based on your own ability and progress!

So then some time had gone by and I had done some other types of workouts, backed off the intensity a bit to let myself rest, and had dealt with some life stuff.

It's difficult to make progress and go balls to the wall all year round when you get to a certain level of experience and development.

All I could think about was how nothing that I had currently been doing was giving me the same results as that Shredded Ops routine had given me!

I had decided that it was time to get those results back, only this time I wanted to build on that original Shredded Ops routine and add in some different things that would make it even more intense!

In Shredded Ops fashion, I began looking at my own progress and how I could build upon that progress every week, constantly challenging myself.

The one thing about those workouts that I missed was how they challenged me just as much mentally as they did physically!

They were the type of workouts where I broke through mental barriers on a regular basis, gaining much more confidence along with an improved look.

They were the type of workouts that felt like bodybuilding felt to me back in the day and I missed that so much!

The gym felt exciting again, it felt like I was actually living again and not just going through the formality of the motions!

So there I was, driving back to the gym one day with plans to straight up attack those types of workouts again in another 12 week phase. Only this time, I would make it even more intense!

What could I come up with that would put myself back onto that battlefield? What sort of intensity, techniques, and exercises would drive me beyond that level that Shredded Ops drove me?

So I walked into the gym and began my assault on what would later come to be called…

Let the Blood Spill!

I also had to be honest with my readers about everything that I personally put into myself when performing this type of program. I just got tired of all of the lies in the bodybuilding industry!

I've always prided myself on being honest with people and giving them the real truth about what I do. We have enough idiots hiding things from people in bodybuilding!

So I decided to leave nothing out of this program since I don't consider myself to be in the same category as the bulk of the fitness industry; liars!

My favorite steroid cycles, pre-workout regimen, and diet layout (which is tweakable to your own stature and explained) is all included in Let the Blood Spill.

Also, unlike other workout programs that simply list the workouts, I actually explain how to execute the sets and techniques as if I were standing right next to you talking to you. In JDB fashion, I tap into the mind of the bodybuilder!

I'm very excited to bring you this program very soon! Once you get into this routine you're going to clearly understand how it got it's name!

And when you see the results from the routine you'll truly understand why JDB is the true, NO B.S. BODYBUILDING RESOURCE!

Aside from the brutally intense training routine, you can also expect some other interesting things in Let the Blood Spill! 

All I can feel is the cold bar within my grasp. I struggle to gain my footing, feeling as though I am beginning to lose my grasp. I can’t let go, I have to push on, for this war never stops. The pain becomes overwhelming as the burning sensation takes over. The sweat spills into my eyes and I can barely see.

I take a breath, tightening my grip while summoning the wolf within me to break free. Fuckin' turn, I internally scream. I can’t hold on any longer. Then just like that, my transition takes over!

My bones break, my skin begins to tear, and the beast begins to emerge. I can feel the human side of me letting go, giving in to the animal that lives within me. The emotions are overwhelming and the pain feels like a legion of demons pulling me apart from every direction!

I drop to the ground waiting for my transition to complete. Then I feel it, the power of a thousand wolves as the venom flows through my veins. A deep growl pierces through the arena, rumbling like rolling thunder.

I stand not as a man, but a wolf. Not just any wolf but the fuckin' alpha wolf!

I’m ready. It’s time to finish the battle and win the war!” -JD

Let The Blood Spill 

Coming Soon


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  1. This is a badass book as all your books are ty Mr Doe for your time and honesty towards body building and motivating us to keep pushing us through the pain and blood that we are shed for are sport, bring the iron, feel the steel in our hands and don’t take it for granted, so few of us ,we stand strong together, kick ass and take names ty John


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