A SYSTEMATIC WAY to get workout and diet results!

Sometimes it's easier to stick with a game plan if you can find a simple and effective system that works for you in the gym and with your diet.

For example, if you're falling short on your water intake, rather than saying “I need to drink more water throughout the day” you may find it easier to set up a system of hitting 2 large glasses of water before leaving the house every morning.

Then you say, “Another 2 glasses with lunch each day, without fail!”

But systems can be placed in every aspect of your nutrition and your training as well. Sometimes we simply overcomplicate shit.

In this podcast I speak of a couple ways to help get the job done and hold yourself accountable in a manageable way so you can keep the momentum moving forward.

As always, thanks for listening and following!


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3 thoughts on “A SYSTEMATIC WAY to get workout and diet results!”

  1. I use the app Lose It and Gymaholic to track nutrition and fitness. I started using Lose It to track what foods were turning my insides out and it rolled into losing weight and then rolled into fitness. It became a habit that I sustain. If I have a bad or a good workout day, I can usually trace it to food. I plan my day the night before and just run with the program. It keeps me accountable and I can trend data. Works for me…

  2. I just listened to your podcast systematic way to get workouts and diet. Thank you I needed that especially about the cardio.


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