Freeweights versus Machines and Common-core B.S. Explained

Freeweights versus machines and common core B.S. explained…. Everyone always talks about starting strength, the big 3 lifts, and all of this other common-core B.S. to get started with building your body. THE TRUTH IS, I DIDN’T FOLLOW ALL OF THE THINGS I WAS “SUPPOSED TO DO” TO BUILD MUSCLE!

I get so sick and tired of this one-track minded approach of “the only way to build muscle” bullshit that people are spewing all over the internet now! There are plenty of ways to work out and build one hell of a good physique. Do not get trapped by thinking only one way is best. You need to do what’s best for you, and part of learning what works for you is by experimenting with different ways of working out!

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