Early Demises of Bodybuilders (& training and nutrition changes into mid age)

In this podcast I speak about the differences with bodybuilders who pass away in early age versus bodybuilders who live a long and healthy life.

It's not always steroids and bodybuilding, it can be overall body-weight and mass into mid age and beyond.

Some anabolics play a part into issues, but it's more of being naive and not being aware of overall health during past bodybuilding careers.

At some point I believe training needs to change to stay healthy and live a longer life. I don't think bodybuilding guarantees health complications and necessary heart problems.

There are health benefits that bodybuilding can promote, much of this depends on the type of training, nutrition, overall food intake, and drug use.

In this podcast I give my honest opinion on how to stay healthier with bodybuilding and what you can change with your training to stay in this for the long haul!

This is a marathon and not a sprint. There are times you go hard and times you need to back off.

I talk about the benefits of the Shredded Ops program as it relates to training, health, and overall longevity in the lifestyle/sport of bodybuilding.

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7 thoughts on “Early Demises of Bodybuilders (& training and nutrition changes into mid age)”

      • JD,

        I’m a long time bodybuilder with a stint of powerlifting in my 30s. Successful at both sanwiched in between a professional career (difficult at times) and we’ll leave it at that. I’ve got 22 years on you. As any good Engineer would I pride myself in understanding the science behind something (like muscle development and strength) and I do my homework. For 38 you’ve got excellent insight on what lies ahead and how to continue in this sport we love and stay healthy. A couple of points I wanted to respond to. Weight. Yes, unfortunately carrying around mass, even if it’s quality will impact your cardiovascular system, your joints, and will add to your steady state inflammation level as you age. I’m 5’7″ and weighed 214 at my biggest. Every decade, despite my efforts to hold size, I’ve gradually got smaller. Today at 60 I’m a fairly lean 196. Your muscle size will decrese as you age and no cycle of Tren, HCG, HGH, T-replacement or any other product will fully stop that. I’ve never fully understood ALL the mechanisms involved but you can compensate for T level, HGC, Thyroid, many more and still there is something missing. The discussion on what happens when you age and why you age is complex and multifaceted and gets into the science of Mitochondrial DNA, ATP production, cross-linking and other concepts.. I’ve studied it for decades trying to appreciate how to slow the aging clock. I’ve had some success, Interested I can provide insight. Pump: Not overrated, especially as you age. Forcing blood into the muscle tissue helps to maintan anabolism. When you are older and can’t push yourself with the weight (myriad of reasons including injury) getting blood into the muscle serves to help you hold size. Training frequency: The amount you train cannot exceed your ability to recover. Therin lies one of the frutrations of aging as you have to back down your training levels a bit (more like you are forced to). It’s something you don’t have to plan for as you’ll figure it out naturally. When you overtrain you’ll feel like crap, your joints will ache and you’ll get smaller. Of course the extent you can train is influenced by your diet, muscle products, rest and other things. Still, you’ll note the exact same supplementation today as 10 years ago does not allow the same workload as it did back then. There is a reason despite 7 billion people on the planet there is nobody at 90 that looks like a 30 year old top bodybuilder. TRT: Agree with you there. I’m on 170mg/week plus 1mg anastrozol and 500ng HCG Troche twice per week. All Dr. perscribed. Holds me up pretty well but nothing like the anabolic kick I used to get at 35.. I used that and not much more to make a strong run at the NPC Maters Natonals July 18. I could go on on other points but I’ll stop here. You want to understand what is out there you can use to combat aging one book I’d suggest is the “Kaufmann Protocol” . Another is “The longevity Code”. If you are diabetic then surely you are using Metformin. Metformin combats aging in a number of ways. I use it myself though not diabetic, Take Care R

        • thanks for your insight man, I love informative comments from readers like yourself! I have found that 1,000mg of metformin before bed helps a lot. It was causing stomach issues when taken intermittently daily, but before bed and I’m good. I’ve heard of several studies showing it helps burn visceral fat as well. Metformin is definitely becoming highly recommended in the field. Also,you are probably aware of despite not being a diabetic, our glucose metabolism does get slower as we age. We are cut from the same cloth man, I really like your take on this stuff and thanks again for chiming in!!! -JD


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