How to Sleep Better with Anesthetized by Blackstone Labs!!!

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving this year!!

I had a great Thanksgiving myself and this year we decided to do something different than we normally do each year.

The trouble I have around the holidays is that there are so many different family members trying to do something at their own homes that it's impossible to be everywhere that day.

This almost always results in someone getting hurt feelings because we couldn't make it to their house, or some sort of drama that carries on into holiday disaster aftermath.

So this year I decided to take my wife and son out of town and do our own thing.

I did more in two days than I think I normally do in a month's time, and it was a great Thanksgiving.

I got to see my good friend I haven't seen in over two years and we had an incredible leg workout, despite being sleep deprived!!

Sleep is always something I've always struggled with, and I'm definitely guilty as charged with working out when I should be taking a nap instead!!

When I got back in town I was completely wiped out.

I wasn't just wiped out from traveling and a bad night's sleep in a hotel, but I did the most hellacious leg workout I've done since the last time I trained with the same guy (last time I did a set of hack squats with 4 plates/side for a set of 50 reps, AFTER barbell squats with 500 lbs!!).

I normally take Klonopins to get sleepy at night, and it got to the point where I could not sleep without them.

The issue I was having that was starting to bother me was that my normal dosage of 0.5 mg daily of Klonopin had gradually climbed to 2 mg/night to get the same effect.

When I got back home from my trip I knew I needed to find a new, alternative product to take to help me sleep.

What I really wanted was a product that didn't just help me fall asleep, but one that helped me actually recover and feel revitalized when I woke up.

I was told to try a supplement called “Anesthetized” by Blackstone Labs.

Strong Supplements sent me a jug to try out, and let me tell you guys the stuff definitely lives up to it's name.

Within about 30-40 minutes of drinking this stuff I'm out like a light. It doesn't just help me fall asleep, but I can tell the next morning that my sleep was deeper and more beneficial to my recovery.

I've also lowered my Klonopin dosage back to 0.5 mg daily since using Anesthetized.

The beauty of this stuff is I don't feel drowsy for a couple hours the next morning.

I did the first day I took it, but after that it quickly went away and I wake up feeling incredible.

I also know my sleep is deeper and recovery is better because I've been having some pretty crazy dreams lately. I also woke up one night to take a piss and was pretty much sleep-walking to the bathroom.

I was going through the dresser drawer and my wife asked me what I was doing. She said I replied, “I'm trying to find my car keys, I need to get the hell out of here.” She asked me where I was going and I said to her, “I need to go take a piss.”

Last night I had a dream that I had rearranged a sign out in front of a gas station to say “COME SEE THE BIG DICK CHRISTMAS CAROLERS” and all of these fat chicks were lined up outside of the gas station.

The cool part about my dream was I was rearranging letters in my dream from an existing sign, and what I was rearranging actually made sense.

We used to do this a lot as teenagers to signs around town. So it was a pretty cool dream and not something I would normally dream unless I was “Anesthetized”, hahaha.

My workouts have been going much better lately as well. It seems as if my overall energy is much better and my strength is climbing up pretty fast.

Like I said before, it doesn't just feel as if the product helps me fall asleep, but my sleep quality is so much better and my mood is much better lately as well.

I'll be honest with you guys, there are times where I'm not a pleasant person to be around and I know it.

I will walk around with this feeling of anxiety and almost feel like I need to break out of my skin before I self destruct. But lately I'm not feeling that way and I know I'm much more enjoyable to be around.

It also seems as if eating cleaner has become easier since I started sleeping better.

I know that MOST FAT BURNING TAKES PLACE DURING SLEEP, so I'm hoping for a leaner body soon from my improved sleep quality.

Guys, you know I only review supplements that I truly feel are worth their salt, and I'm telling you that if you try Anesthetized then you cannot go wrong!!!

If I had to add anything else about the product, it's just the fact that I've heard you can become used to it if you take it for too long. But I haven't experienced this yet as it's just been a week so far.

I'd like to hear about your results, so if you decide to try this supplement, feel free to post your results from it in the comments section below.


– JD

>You can buy Anesthetized by Blackstone Labs here<


16 thoughts on “How to Sleep Better with Anesthetized by Blackstone Labs!!!”

  1. I can confirm, this shit knocks you the hell out. I don’t even use a full scoop, usually 1-3-1/2 a scoop. I only used it when I am really having trouble sleeping, or if I have had issues sleeping the night before and I need to knock the hell out and go into a deep sleep tonight.

    This is a weird one, but I also use it if I am drunk, since I feel like whenever I am drunk I get the shittiest sleep ever, which makes the next morning even worse.

    I wouldn’t use this more than once week, you can build up a tolerance and an dependency to it., but I have never had a better sleep aid before.

  2. The Strong Supplement website sucks a**. Every time I go on their website a “subscribe now” (for email promotions) pops up and I can’t get it to get off the f**king screen. I’ve emailed these idiots about this problem and no response. I even tried to use the chat customer support feature on the website and no reply. I’ve ordered other supplements from these guys before (based on your recommendations) but I haven’t been able to reorder because of this stupid “subscribe now” popup. I know its not your website/problem but if you have any contacts with these folks it might make sense to talk to them so they can get their heads out of their butts and fix their website. They’ve just about lost me as a customer.and I’m sure I’m not the only one.


  3. Lol, think I want to try it for the dreams alone! Sounds worth checking out. I have a hell of a time sleeping nowadays. Thanks, JD

  4. it has phenibut in it!!!! Phenibut is ok from time to time but NOT every day!!!! Phenibut can be sused max 2x week. Yes it help sleep but definitely can’t be abused!!!

  5. Definitely going to try this,I’ve gotten into a routine where I get to bed when I should,and sometimes earlier but then I lay in bed unable to sleep for an hour or two.Thanks for the review!

    • yea, I myself need to get in the habit of being in bed by a certain time each night, sometimes that helps me get sleepy. Rather than staying up until I about crash and then getting in the bed

  6. I’ve been using this for two years. I can’t stress how it’s helped me.
    I wake to pee atleast twice a night I’ve had a sleep apnea test bladder test kidneys everything still don’t know why I pee twice a night.
    But with this after I pee i go straight back to sleep!
    And feel refreshed the next morning.
    Yes if you use it too much you can biuld up a small tolerance so I use it every second night mostly or when I know I have a hard day the next day.
    My workouts are better my mood at work is better and have never felt like I’m addicted to it because of the phenibut in it wich is a relatively tame amount.
    The only draw back is it’s 70 Aussie dollars a tub so I try to make it last.
    But trust me it’s well worth it give it a go you won’t be disappointed!!


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